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The Celebrate Nashville Festival returns on Saturday, October 7th from 10 AM - 6 PM. Kidsville will feature a "create your own symbol" craft activity in the children's activity area. About the festival:

"In a city where one in six residents is foreign–born, the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival is not only one of Nashville’s favorite and most vibrant festivals, but also a celebration and reminder of what makes Nashville a great place to live. This FREE Festival provides an opportunity for intercultural dialogue through a Nashville festival experience and features a variety of dance and music performance on 5 different stages, food vendors offering authentic and exotic tastes from around the world, hands-on children’s activities, an area just for teens, a marketplace, and so much more!"

*Please note that Kidsville will NOT take place at the Parthenon on this date as we focus our energy, time, and talents at the Craft Fest!